We can provide a vast range of Health & Safety signs, that can be used throughout your business.  Below is a range of the signs we can provide, although we recommend you contact us to discuss your requirements.  We will then be able to talk to you about our more detailed range.

Fire Exits

All Fire Exit signs we provide conform to The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.  All our signs are available in 1.3mm or 5mm Foamex/HIPS Correx, or self adhesive.

These Fire Exit signs come in a range of sizes with image designs and directional arrows to suit your business premises.

Signs are available in a number of sizes, dependent on the sign. They inlcude: 400 x 150mm, 600 x 200mm and 150 x 150mm. 

Fire Exit Keep Clear

Our Fire Exit Keep Clear signs come as 450 x 150mm.  The text box can also be amended to suit you business needs.
 Assembly Points

Our Fire Assembly signs come in two sizes; 300 x 200mm and 600 x 400mm.  The text box can also be amended to suit you business needs.
Push to Open


The push bar to open signs can vary in text and come in 300 x 100mm.
 First Aid


A range of First Aid signs are available, including First Aid information and what to do in the event of accident/illness, First Aiders list, where to locate your First Aid box, etc.

Larger signs are 200 x 300mm, and smaller signs are 200 x 100mm.

Fire Action Notices

Fire Action Notices displaying pictorial symbols comply to the BS5499 designs.  They provide essential, detailed information and should form part of a comprehensive fire exit and evacuation process. Again we have a range of designs available, and are happy to discuss your requirements if you need something specialist.

Available in many sizes, these signs can also be purchased in a Photoluminescent material.

 Fire Door Signs


Fire Door signs assist in conforming to The Building Regulations 1991, which advise that all doors designed to be fire resistant should display the appropriate mandatory fire safety sign.

We provide a range of Fire Door signs, with differing wording, that will suit your business needs.  

Should you need them, self adhesive Fire Door labels are available, as are Fire Door signs with braille.

Fire Extinguisher Signs & Fire Equipment Signs

Non-automatic fire equipment should display safety signs in accordance with The Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996. These regulations require the fire fighting equipment to be marked with a permanent sign board in red, with a white border.

Our large range of Fire Extinguisher and Fire Equipment signs will provide all the signage you need within your business premises. They can also be purchased in photoluminescent (glow in the dark).

No Smoking


With smoking not permitted within enclosed places, it’s important to make sure your business has the correct signage in place.  We have a range of different designs, with varying text, available in two sizes; 300 x 100mm and 600 x 200mm.  Some signs are available in 150 x 50mm or 150 x 200mm.
Prohibition Signs


A wide range of prohibition signs are available, including ‘No Mobile Phones’, ‘Not drinking water’, ‘No entry’ and ‘No parking’.  We also have a number of in-car decals for ‘No mobile phones’.

Signs come in sizes, such as 300 x 100mm or 600 x 200mm, or 200 x 300mm and 400 x 600mm depending on the sign you order.

Hazards / Warning Signs

Hazard signs are designed to instruct, advise and forewarn staff and visitors of potential dangers arising around the workplace.

There are a wide range of hazard signs available, covering all dangers, their sizes ranging dependent on the sign you require.  All signs are available in self adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic with self-adhesive backing.



Mandatory signs are designed to instruct, advise and inform staff and visitors of an action that must be carried out to secure a safer working environment.  All signs come in blue with white text , and are available in 1mm rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl. 

We are able to provide a vast range of mandatory signs.  Contact us to discuss your business needs.



Multi-purpose signs include two or more warning signs for staff and/or customers.  They are made of 1mm rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl.

We have a large range to chose from so let us know what you’d like on your multi-purpose signs.

We also provide signs not listed above, such as:

  • Site Safety
  • Hygiene
  • CCTV & Security
  • Floor Signs
  • Cleaning Stands
  • PVC Site Safety Banners
  • Skip and Scaffolding Signs
  • Recycling
  • Safety Labels
  • Contravision Signs
  • General Signs, e.g. Visitor Car Park, Private, Toilets
  • Office door and desktop signs

Please speak to us if the product you need isn’t listed and we can give you more details about our range.